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Why is the music industry important? The music industry is a key provider of jobs and income revenue in the South African economy. Presently, the core of the South African music industry employs approximately 12000 people. The majority of these people are the artists and composers that produce music. They form the creative foundations of the industry. The gross turnover of the core of the South African music industry is approximately R900 million, with industry experts estimating that the entire industry is worth R2 billion. The Structure of the Music Industry Global With Local Dimensions The global sound recording industry is worth approximately R160 billion. The majority of that turnover is concentrated in the markets of the USA; Western Europe and Japan. Although the emerging markets, in particular Brazil, have experienced strong growth over the past four years, predictions are that developing markets will continue to experience strong growth. The Companies The global music industry is dominated by six multinationals that have subsidiaries in the majority of the world’s major music markets. Of these six companies, 4 - BMG, EMI, Polygram and Sony - have South African subsidiaries. The presence of these multinationals provides a network through which South African music can be sold in export markets.

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